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Why Juggling and Circus Skills?

Picture showing how safe the activities areJesters have a passion for all things circus-y and are proficient in all the skills and props that are taught or demonstrated.

Having an entertainer attend your event or even letting us put on a cabaret for you, can just inject that extra spark required to make your day extra special, as well as providing even more fond memories for your guests to take away with them.

We firmly believe that everyone can benefit from learning even just the basics of juggling & circus skills whilst participating in our games and activities. Whether this be to develop teamwork & communication; encourage problem-solving; improve hand-eye coordination; build confidence or even just to use it as a great way to provide a variety of low-impact aerobic routines as a vehicle for exercise. Not forgetting that it is just great fun learning new tricks to impress your friends and amaze your family or work colleagues, developing skills that you may have thought you could never achieve!

How safe are the activities?

All the equipment provided is maintained to a high standard and all aspects of safe-usage are highlighted to our budding performers before sessions commence or at the start of each individual activity as required. Risk assessments are carried out before the workshop or event and also on arrival on-site. Areas for performing are always marked out or clearly sectioned off in order that we confine our performers to one area and also so that we don’t get in anyone else’s way whilst we are all defying gravity and throwing lots of strange objects into the air! Our instructors or entertainers all carry at least £5 million Public Liability Insurance and have been CRB checked – just for your peace of mind! If in doubt, just ask us!