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Balloons In The LakeWelcome to our pages of entertainment. Not only do we supply products to the entertainment world, we also hire out our own troupe of jugglers, magicians and wacky entertainers (to name but a few!!). See how Jesters can Train or Entertain you and your group with a wide range of services. We sometimes get asked “Why use Juggling & Circus skills & are these activities safe?”. Click here to find out more about us and our practices.

Jesters Workshops - Circus workshops are designed with the specific needs of various groups, for example schools, colleges, Scouting & Guiding groups (circus badges), youth groups…and so on.

Party Jester - Need an entertainer for a party? We can provide one (or two, or more!) for the kids or for the adults. We can facilitate Juggling & Circus performances, (Naughty) Balloon Modelling, Theatrical & Gore Make-up and Magic!

The Office Clown -Our corporate training sessions, walkabout & stage entertainment or balloon modelling & decorating skills can make any workplace event feel like a big top!

Playing Out - Jesters can bring that buzz to your grand opening, sponsored event, open day or traditional festivity.

If what you want is not on these pages, then we can customise our entertainment to suit you. Then if we still can’t give you what you want, having been involved in the entertainment world for nearly 20 years, we’ll be able to point you towards someone who can provide your requirements. You only have to ask…


Jesters workshops are available for anyone who shares our passion for all things circus-y, but they are ideal for any group wishing to learn a new set of skills, engage in something a little bit different, fulfil an award or complete a badge (for example Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme and Scouts & Guides), or just to have a bit of fun!

Workshops can be tailored to suit your requirements or specific objectives, therefore a range of skills can be selected or a core set of skills can be focused upon. It is possible to conduct sessions at your regular meeting place or, if needed, and transport is at your disposal, then a venue can be organised for your group to travel to. Please let us know your requirements and we can advise you…

Workshops are very useful and fulfilling for schools and colleges, and as well as being great fun, they can be tailored to be curriculum-relevant in your chosen subject, or could even just be a fun day/week that the whole school can become involved in. This could also culminate in a circus performance by everyone to showcase their newfound skills and talents!

Please click on the tabs below for more information regarding the groups that we work with and what we can offer them. For example, we can provide training and assistance towards circus badges and other certifications, as well as incorporating workshops into a curriculum subject.

Jesters One Off Taster Session

Experience all the core skills in this exciting introductory workshop. This is structured as a 2 hour workshop (with a short break in between each hour) that is designed to allow performers to sample a number of different juggling & circus disciplines. Taster workshops are also available for Make-up, Balloon modelling and Magic

Jesters One Day Workshop (6 hours)

Invite the circus to stay for longer with a full-day workshop. This is ideal for giving the whole school an introduction to circus skills.

Skills taught are core skills package looking at skills in greater detail PLUS make-up & performance.

Core skills are: Juggling (Scarves, Bean bags, Balls, Rings, clubs), Plate-spinning, Feather-balancing, Flowersticks, Diabolo, Poi

Other skills available in combination or individually but may incur extra charges due to nature of equipment and instructors required.

Jesters Two Day Workshop (12 hours)

Core skills package PLUS: Stilts, Rolla-bolla & Unicycle Or Balloon-modelling Or Make-up Or Magic.

Extra skills are subject to availability of equipment & instructors

Core skills are: Juggling (Scarves, Bean bags, Balls, Rings, clubs), Plate-spinning, Feather-balancing, Flowersticks, Diabolo, Poi

Brownie Circus Badge

The requirements for the Brownie circus badge when this page was last updated were:

  1. Learn two circus skills from the list below

    • juggling with three or more items (such as balls, rings, scarves or clubs)
    • plate spinning
    • yo-yo (show three tricks)
    • diabolo
    • lasso
    • stilt-walking
    • tumbling and acrobatics
    • unicycling

  2. Do one of the following

    • Make a set of juggling balls or bean bags
    • Perform your skills to a group such as your Six or unit
    • Try one other skill from the list of circus skills

  3. Visit a circus or circus skills workshop. Tell the tester about it

  4. Do the following

    • Paint a circus clown’s face
    • Put on a short clown show
Guide Circus Badge
  1. Take part in at least one juggling or circus skills workshop

  2. Learn three further circus skills from the list below. Demonstrate each of your skills to your Patrol. Tell them how you learned the skills and how long it took you to get them right

    • acrobatics
    • balloon modelling
    • contact juggling
    • cigar boxes
    • club swinging with two clubs
    • diabolo
    • devilstick
    • juggling with three or more items (scarves, rings, balls, clubs)
    • lasso
    • plate spinning
    • stilt walking
    • tumbling
    • unicycling
    • yo-yo

  3. Do three of the following:

    • Make a set of juggling balls
    • Demonstrate a circus skill to an audience of more than ten people
    • Teach three people one of your circus skills
    • Devise a worksheet to demonstrate one of your skills
    • Find out some interesting facts about one of your skills, e.g. its origin, a world record, its history
    • Challenge yourself to perform a new trick. Keep a record of your progress as you learn the trick.
Scouts Circus Badge

Complete the requirements below: Select one skill from any two of the five alternatives below. Under experienced guidance, show by continuing effort some achievement in the two selected skills. Demonstrate the two selected skills before an audience.

  1. Aerial: Trapeze, Roman Rings, Aerial Ladder, Aerial Rope, Wire Walking or related skills.
  2. Balance: Trick-cycling, Stilts, Ladder, Tightrope, Wire Walking, Perch, Roller Bolla, Slack-rope.
  3. Manipulative: Plate Spinning, Cigar Boxes, Club Swinging, Devil Sticks, Diabolo Sticks, Juggling.
  4. Ground: Handstands, Tumbling, Acrobatics.
  5. Clowning: Including make-up and costume.

Find out about aspects of circus life, and discuss these with an adult. Observe at least two circus or street performers events and discuss these.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Join a workshop, club or course in order to learn Circus Skills, and specialise in one chosen circus skill, and have some knowledge of at least two others, selected from the following five main disciplines:

  1. Aerial – Trapeze, Roman Rings, Aerial Ladder, Aerial Rope, Wire Walking
  2. Balance – Trick-Cycling, Stilts, Ladder, Tightrope, Wire Walking, Perch, Roller Bolo, Slack Rope
  3. Manipulative – Plate Spinning, Cigar Boxes, Club Swinging, Devil Sticks or Diabolo Sticks, Juggling (three ball and club)
  4. Ground – Aerobic, Handstands, Tumbling, Aerobatics
  5. Clowning Learn about circus make-up and costumes
Explorer Scout Activity Badge

Complete the requirements below:

Demonstrate involvement and improvement in a chosen creative activity. A total of at least 25 hours work is required. Evidence of improvement should be produced in suitable form. Examples of possible activities are: Dance. Taking part in a Show. Being a member of a band.

Perform or exhibit the activity to an audience.

Party Jester Fire Service How about an entertainer for your party?

Maybe a (fire) juggler or magician, or perhaps someone who can teach you how to make (naughty) balloon models - something a bit more ‘hands-on’ for you and your ‘grown-up’ guests to get involved in and have a giggle!

Jesters can provide a juggler, magician, balloon modeller or make-up artist, or a combination of the above, for your shindig. “A make-up artist?” we hear you cry – very popular with those who like to add a bit of glitz and glamour to their themed party perhaps, or even maybe a little bit of gore with our casualty/ horror make-up sessions, which includes learning how to make realistic cuts, bruises and other horrific injuries!! Mmmm, nice!

Perhaps you’re having a grown-ups day-off, or you are holding a celebratory event and need something to amuse the kids for an hour or two – why not invite Jesters to keep them occupied, entertained and get them involved in learning new skills that don’t employ computers, games consoles and televisions! Whatever your party idea, Jesters can concoct a little gem that will help your party go with a bang and be an event to remember!

Our corporate training sessions, event entertainment or balloon modelling & decorating skills can make any workplace feel like a big top!

Invite Jesters into your workplace to provide entertainment or workshops… Having an open day or staff social? Want to add a little diversity to the same old office function? Then The Office Clown is for you!

If you want to add something a little bit different to your event, then we can provide meet ‘n greet entertainers in the shapes of comedy jugglers, stilt-walkers and fire and glow artists.

Perhaps you require your function suite to look even grander and more splendid – then we can help by adorning your venue with our beautiful balloon decorations.

We can provide ice-breaker sessions and activities designed to highlight the importance of teamwork, or approaching new and difficult challenges or even just a session in which your staff members can have a bit of fun and get to know one another a little better.

These sessions or services can be customised to suit your needs, budget or objectives, and can include skills such as learning to juggle (individually, in pairs or as a group!), balloon modelling, face-painting and a number of other juggling & circus disciplines, as well as the bespoke balloon decorating service.

Please contact us and tell us about your ideas or requirements, as well as where your event is, the size of the venue/ performance area and the number of people attending, and we’ll devise a program or session to suit your needs and desired learning outcomes or objectives.

Playing Out Jesters can bring that buzz to your grand opening, sponsored event, open day or traditional festivity.

If you are hosting an event and want to entertain your visitors, then we can provide walk-in workshops to introduce circus skills. We can deliver appropriate instruction and guidance for anyone wishing to learn. It’s a hands-on, highly successful attraction that will make your event a day of fun to remember. Performers can select when and for how long they participate and can learn a number of different skills such as juggling, diabolo, balancing, spinning plates and more. Anyone can join in and learn new skills or even improve on existing ones (and perhaps teach the instructors one or two as well!).

We also provide fun, family entertainment in the form of our jousting championship with a twist – performed on unicycles! This is an action-packed 20 minute show that includes jugglers and other circus performers. A great attraction to pull in the crowds!!

If you have a particular theme in mind we are more than happy devise an appropriate act to suit and adapt our performances as required. (A minimum amount of space is required for both the workshop and the show)