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History of Jesters (Page 1)

Jak and Mo founders of Jesters Since its foundation, by Jak and Mo, almost 20 years ago, Jesters has been involved with many aspects of the juggling & circus world. In the beginning it was one of only a handful of suppliers in Europe and was one of the founder members of the (now defunct) Juggling Traders Federation, which was established to create standards across a relatively small industry and to ensure that customers at every level in the trading chain got a fair deal.

Travelling Stall In our early days we traded as a traveling stall at large Craft and Agricultural Shows. It was in 1992 that our first shop was established in the Meadowhall Centre, South Yorkshire, followed by a second one at Hunters Bar, Sheffield and in 1995 we first opened in Ambleside, in the heart of the English Lake District. We have always been closely involved with other aspects of our unique industry. For example, we have continuously supported the British Juggling Convention for longer than any other business and Jak has been part of the core organising committee of the BJC for more years than he would care to remember (Jesters donates his time & the administration that goes with it!).

For those of you who have been around on the scene for a while, it was Jesters who provided all the decoration and toys at the Millennium BJC in York. One of the most memorable events came in the aftermath of the foot and mouth disease epidemic of 2001. Jesters organised a week long convention in the Lake District which included participation by Nofit State Circus and their “Sci-Circus” tour. Nearly 2,000 people attended the event, which had a stated objective – to bring smiles to faces and draw people together from different parts of the community to help lift morale. Show Page 2